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Mentoring Contract

The following is intended as a guideline/sample, adjust to better fit your situation. This is a critical part of your first discussion, do it, don’t avoid it. The process of writing, clarification and agreement on expectation has proven to be one of the most valuable and powerful tools for helping the relationship to be mutually satisfying.

The Process:

1. Print two copies of this form.
2. Before your first meeting the mentor and partner completes the form individually.
3. Jointly review and discuss each person’s answers and reach agreement.
4. Print a new copy of the form and have the partner write in the agreed answer.
5. Both mentor and partner sign and date the form.
6. Partner is responsible for keeping the form in their journal and reviewing/updating as the need exists.
7. One month from your first meeting, jointly review your agreed to answers and give your mentoring relationship a check up and agree to any needed changes.
What type of assistance does the partner want from the mentor?  
What expectations does the mentor have of the partner? See Mentoring Expectations for thought starters.  
What expectations does the partner have of the mentor? See Mentoring Expectations for thought starters.  
How often will you meet?  
When and where will you meet?  
For how long?  
Who will be responsible for scheduling our meetings?  
What will be the ground rules for your discussions? E.g., confidentiality, openness, candor, truthfulness etc.  
If problems arise how will they be resolved?  
Any concerns the partner wants discussed and resolved?  
Any concerns the mentor wants discussed and resolved?  
How will you know when the mentoring relationship has served it purpose and needs to be terminated?  
We have agreed that our initial meetings will focus on these three topics: 1.



Any additional area/issues you want to discuss and agree to?  



Partner Signature





Mentor Signature


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