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Mentoring Expectations

Use this list as thought starters, it is far from exhaustive. The important thing is to own your expectations for this mentoring relationship and communicate them clearly to your partner. If it helps print this list and select or modify the expectations that are important for you, including these in your Mentoring Contract.

Be critical of ideas not of me
Accept and value me as being different from you
Have realistic expectations
To seek out and be receptive to feedback
To tell me when things aren’t working
To keep an up-to-date journal
When we meet to give me your full and undivided attention
To take risks
Don’t look to me for all the answers
Be responsible for your learning’s and actions
Keep your commitments
Tell me how I can be more helpful
Be willing to try new things
Be open and honest with me
Participate as a partner in the mentoring process
Be willing to change your mind
Be willing to consider alternatives
Try to understand all sides of an issue
Listen to and understand me
To openly disagree without being disagreeable
To trust me
To recognize me
To collaborate with me in the mentoring process
To set goals and actively work toward accomplishing these
To take appropriate actions
To do what you say you will do
To practice new skills
To not have any hidden agendas
To help me figure things out for myself
To give me the space to be myself
To help make our discussions positive
To be supportive
To offer help
To be flexible
To discuss issues in a specific, descriptive, non-judgmental manner
Don’t point blame
Be willing to ask questions and gather information
Be patient
Allow for and give me choices
To honor when I think the relationship needs to be terminated
Consider different opinions
Actively seek feedback from others

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