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Six Steps for Design of Learning Experiences Worksheet +

Keep this worksheet ever green, change it as you and your partner progress through the steps. Only complete what you can, but start, don’t leave your action to chance. Share your thoughts with your partner, keep them involved in the learning process, utilize their input.

  Step: Planned Actions:
1. Recognition of a need:  


2. Teaching:  


3. Practice:  


4. Feedback/coaching:  


5. Application goal-setting:  


6. Follow-up/support  


See Six Steps For Design Of Learning Experiences for a brief review of the goal/approach for each of these steps.

+ Adapted from Lyle M. Spencer, Signe M. Spencer. Competence at Work: Models For Superior Performances. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York, New York. Pp. 290-291.

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