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Partner's Journal

"For a long time it was all right for a woman to keep a diary, but it sounded too fruity for men.  So they changed it to journal.   Now sensitive men can set down their thoughts without appearing too sensitive."        George Carlin

There are two forms for your journal, one for to capture your thoughts, commitments and learning’s from the meetings with your mentor, the other for your lessons learned from actions you take. Add to these and make them your own. Print these two forms and use them as a guideline for your journal entries.

Meetings With Your Mentor Journal

Date: _________ Time: _________ Place: _________
Purpose of Meeting: Assess progress, establish new goals, define actions to implement, exchange information, review reflections of my learning’s, others: (please list)

After the meeting:

What went well? -
What could you have done to make the meeting better? -
What can you do to make your next meeting even more productive? -
What did you commit to do before your next meeting? -

Lessons Learned Lournal

To help reach my goal of:  
I will take the following action:  
No later than:  


Describe what you actually did:  


What did you learn?  


What went well?  


What didn’t work?  


Did you practice and prepare enough?  


What could you have done differently?  


What was a surprise or something you didn’t expect to learn?  
Where do you go from here?  


What progress do you feel good about?  


What other situations will you practice what you have learned so that the learning’s become a habit?  
What personal challenges or feeling inside you are still barriers?  


What do you still need to learn to fully achieve your goal?  


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