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Partner’s Responsibilities

As a partner in the mentoring process you have the responsibility for your own learning and development. All the mentor can do is help you learn by asking questions, posing situations and providing resources. As a partner you are responsible for four phases of your learning:

Self Awareness: Continuously redefining who you are, what you value, what you want, what skills and talents make you unique, and your limitations.
Setting goals: Goals give purpose and direction to your life. Goals need to be realistic and challenging. Achievement leads to new goals and actions
Taking actions: To grow and develop requires action. No one can do if for you, the balls in your court. Break your goals into manageable steps and get started. Practice, practice, practice, then take action.
Reflecting on your learning’s: Take time to reflect and write in your journal what you have learned. This time helps you generalize to other times and situations as well as recycles you back to self-awareness.

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