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Here is the first - Coaching Tip - to help you continue to develop your coaching skills.

Coaching Tip #1-Make it safe to "lower the shield"!!

When you are trying to open the door to a coaching relationship here are some valuable thoughts you can express (in your own words) that will help establish an atmosphere of collaboration and positive anticipation.

These are examples-as you read them ask yourself why this might be an important idea to express and think about the coaching principle behind them  (after all  -  you are a coach, not a parrot).

"Are you willing to take a look at this with me  . . ."

"Your input is important  . . ."          

"I value your input  . . ."

"I  need  your  help  . . ."

"This is important to both of us  . . ."

"Can you see how this effects you  . . ."

"How can I help you  . . ."

Coaching is a collaborative process based on the mindset that a coach's job is to help people solve their own problems and improve their own performance in such a way that they will take responsibility for that improvement and be committed to success.   

Get started on the right foot - Step #1 (Be Supportive) to create partnerships for a competitive edge. 

Remember Step #8 (Don't Give Up)

To view the 8 Step Coaching Model referred to in this tip, click here

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