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Here is the fifth -Coaching Tip- to help you continue to develop your coaching skills.

Coaching Tip#5--"Whoa! She's/he's never done that before!"

Is that the reaction you get when you ask the person being coached for a commitment to the action plan?  What are they telling you? 

That is why it is so critical to find out if they are (self-)motivated to carry out the action plan (Step #4) and do what it takes to make the plan successful.  How do we find that out?

a. Ask for a commitment  ("Can I count on you to make this work?" etc.)

b. Stop - Look - Listen  (You want to see-hear-feel a sense of conviction)

c. Talk about what you see-hear-feel (reinforce, Step #7; or, revisit earlier steps)

An important coaching skill to use with item c. is "I-messages."  Share your concerns and hopes (expectations) and revisit their concerns and expectations. 

This is the emotional sign-off point where you both need to be on the same page about what will/will-not probably get done.  It can also be the launching point for another round of coaching (now or later).  What if the need for change seems to be recognized and valid but the commitment is not forthcoming?

Is it a trust or security issue (Step #1)? Are they still arguing there is no need to change (Step #2)? Don't they recognize the personal benefit from making this plan successful (Step #3)? Or, is the plan too overwhelming (Step #4)?  See how we can use the model to look for the root cause if the commitment level is not satisfactory.

Step #5 (Get a Commitment) is where we "seal the deal" on our partnership for a competitive edge.

Remember Step #8 (Don't Give Up)

To view the 8 Step Coaching Model referred to in this tip, click here 

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