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Here is the seventh -Coaching Tip- to help you continue to develop your coaching skills.

Coaching Tip #7-"If - Then . . ." 

What are the possibly positive outcomes if you are successful in implementing the changes detailed in Step #4 (get them to-Initiate A Plan)?  What if you are not successful?  What impact will their decisions and actions have on their future?

The need for this step is determined by the strength of the commitment signal you get at Step #5 (Get a Commitment).  If you sense willingness and conviction, you can skip this step.  If you feel the commitment level needs reinforcement, then talk first about the possible positive outcomes of the decision they have made.  It is a judgment call on your part if you need to talk specifically about the possible negative outcomes of their future actions. If it is a developmental coaching session, we really encourage you to focus only on the positive consequences and long term benefits and opportunities.  A coaching session should be positive, enabling and hopeful, even when dealing with negative performance gaps.

Remember, positive possibilities are 2 to 3 times more motivating than negative ones.  However, they need to fully understand how their future can be effected by their decision and actions.  If you care about their success as a coach, you must make sure they understand how they could be harming their own future by their actions (lack of).  The key to being able to do this productively is your intent.  It is not intended to be punitive or a threat.  It is to inform them and help them make the best decision to be successful. 

Step #7 (Clarify Consequences) to re-enforce their determination to be successful and strengthen your partnership for a competitive edge.

Remember Step #8 (Don't Give Up)

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