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Here is the third -Coaching Tip- to help you continue to develop your coaching skills.

Coaching Tip #3-"What is wrong with this picture?"

You have planned and prepared for this coaching session and identified many potential benefits (and some not-so-beneficial possibilities) that should motivate this person to move in a new direction (change behavior).  Yet they seem stuck, they don't seem to be willing to make the change no matter how much it appears they would benefit from doing so.  You are puzzled and you are beginning to feel the first telltale signs of frustration.  You ask yourself, "The case for doing this is so obvious and logical, what is holding them back?"

EXACTAMUNDO !!  What is holding them back??  There are two opposing forces that cause us to be in status quo in our behavior.  There are Driving Forces that cause us to want to move forward and Restraining Forces that hold us back.  Coaches often need to understand and address both forces.  If they won't move forward in the direction of change, no matter how strong the Driving Forces (interests), we need to back up and look at the Restraining Forces (concerns).  Why won't they make this change-what concerns are holding them back? 

You need to help them recognize how this change serves their interests, AND help them find ways to overcome their concerns.  Only then can they "unfreeze," and move out of status quo and change.  Remember that finding the key drivers (interests) and the barriers (concerns) is often a discovery process.  That is why coaching can take time to get to know what motivates and intimidates this person.  But it is a vital investment of time if you want to be successful at Step #3 (Establish Impact) and create partnerships for a competitive edge. 

Remember Step #8 (Don't Give Up)

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